Helmholtz Research School on High Temperature Alloys (IMD)

Helmholtz Research School on High Temperature Alloys (IMD)

Welcome to the Research School IMD


From spring 2013 until autumn 2020, the Helmholtz Research School on "Integrated Materials Development for Novel High-Temperature Alloys (IMD)" provided a structured educational program and a platform for a knowledge-based and research-oriented qualification for two generations of PhD students in the area of materials science and engineering.

The following research areas were addressed:

  • Thermodynamic modeling of liquid and solid solution phases of DS eutectic alloys
  • Influence of processing conditions on microstructure and mechanical properties of DS eutectic alloys
  • Quantitative phase-field modelling of 3D eutectic microstructure formation in the presence of a compression load
  • Microstructure and micromechanics of DS eutectic alloys
  • Discrete dislocation dynamics simulation in two phase eutectic alloys
  • Analytical TEM analyses of matrix fiber interfaces, creep deformation and fracture mechanisms
  • Micromechanical finite element simulations of DS eutectic alloys


The research school was financed by the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centers. Participating partners were the Institute of Applied Materials (IAM-AWP, IAM-WBM, IAM-WK, IAM-CMS) and the Institute of Engineering Mechanics (ITM).


Work within the IMD Helmholtz Research School contributes to the Research Field Energy within the Helmholtz mission and will also be part of the POF IV period of the HGF starting in 2021.